Conceptual and audio-visual design of moods, imagery and world of themes.


First visualization: the artistic and conceptual overall picture begins here. The vision becomes visible and the environment, landscapes and characters are created.

Moodboard von Michaela Mielke - Concept Art


From set design to animated storyboard to dolly shots: Animatics give a first impression about rhythm, atmosphere and aesthetics of the project.


One of my special passions is hand-painted textures with brush and color. The visible and embossed structure has its own look in both 2D and 3D.

Handpainted Texture von Michaela Mielke - Concept Art


Michaela Mielke

I love to look behind the scenes.


To make an idea, a vision, with its message visible and tangible. To symbolize the story and to create the associated world. And paying my full attention to each single picture with its meaning.


Also the music plays an important role to convey and emphasize storytelling. Beyond that music transports something, that maybe cannot represented otherwise.


4 Thoughts - Michaela Mielke

Four thoughts - four imagery. How do we want to live?

The Tree Of Life by Michaela Mielke

Follow me, on a small journey into the tree of life!

The Dream Of A Moth by Michaela Mielke

About a moth that flies out to be someone else...

Dragonheart by Michaela Mielke_painting

Wild, fire-breathing and fascinatingly beautiful!