I love to look behind the scenes. This includes also choosing the right picture carrier for a project. Creating the composition and structure, layer by layer. And paying my full attention to each single picture with its meaning. This procedure it not only meditative, making the groundwork for the painting is also a beautiful step in the working process.

Contemplative arts already starts here.

The artist can experience it during the creative process as well as the viewer. It is an invitation to align thoughts and intellectual attitudes bringing it to a deeper level over meaning. To see the obvious and dissolve it, focus on the hidden and contemplating about its true nature.

My interest in iconography and iconology is also visible in my work. Many things can be covered behind the shadow of legends, myths and symbols but they do inspire in so many ways. They tell us a story with a deeper meaning on the next level. Those things tell us about our work on earth and show us what is hidden behind our physical existence.

We seek the world and our fulfilment therein. We try to be human.

I regard my panel paintings and projects as an invitation to contemplate and get in touch with the true meaning of this source. Contemplative arts are borne out of itself, is explaining itself and makes it accessible for the viewer. And what you will discover, will be only yours and will guide you to something bigger.


Michaela Mielke, born 1976 in Hamburg


1995 Apprenticeship design for visual marketing, self-employed since 2002


Since 2007 product development, product design, product completion for funeral- and mourning objects: design for coffins, urns, memorial- and commemorative items. Various projects and events on subjects such as memorial service, dying, death and mourning. Production of the first memorial- and devotional panels.

2012 - 2016 Further development of panel painting and own technics. In the following years panel paintings with spiritual lyrics, poems and reflections were created which finally lead to contemplative art. The project "Tree of Life" arises. Working on the great and complex work during three years.


2017 Trailer "Tree Of Life". As well, the artist's collection with pictures to be colored by yourself is available

2018 "The Dream Of A Moth", hand drawn animation, short film

2019 Further education Motion Design / Videoproducer

Michaela Mielke lives and works in a monastery at the fiord Baltic Sea Schleswig, Germany.